Who we are?

Nazrah Films was founded right after the Egyptian Revolution against the old regime in 25th of January 2011. With the changes swiping the Middle Eastern society and especially in Egypt, new rights and freedoms are emerging.

Independent Cinema strives to take place in the new democratic Egypt, Searching for the true meaning and practice of democracy, also as a counter track to the monopoly of the commercial Cinema that do not represent the new generation of filmmakers or the new democratized Egyptian society. We want to change the status quo where Independent Cinema barely exists.

The new hopes, ambitions and visions of the independent filmmakers yearn for an opportunity for production and for reaching the audiences eager for this kind of cinema.

Nazrah Films was founded with passion and a clear goal of supporting independent films and independent filmmakers. One of our goals is reaching out to the world through Independent Cinema as a means of communication, encouraging individual and authentic voices to represent themselves. Based on democracy, equality, and freedom of speech, we want to explore shared initiatives of struggling Egyptian independent filmmakers.