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Nazrah Films has a notable achievements, award winning projects and movies, their latest successful "Nawara" (Part 1 of the Trilogy about the Egyptian Revolution)

"The saga of a poor housemaid in the aftermath of the Tahrir Square uprising brims over with uncomfortable truths and irony, boldly questioning the outcome of the revolution. Led by an angelic Menna Shalabi in the main role, the film is absorbing in a daytime drama sort of way: One longs for the maid and her equally poor husband Aly to find happiness, while knowing that even worse misfortunes are likely to befall them before the curtains close. Despite this and allowing for an overlong running time, it is the Egyptian art film of the moment, and its female viewpoint should help it find limited release, with more festival support following its Dubai bow." By http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/ .

Venue: Dubai Film Festival (Muhr Feature)

Cast: Menna Shalabi, Mahmoud Hemeda, Sherine Reda, Ameer Salah Eldin, Ragaa Hussein, Ahmed Rateb, Rahma Hassan, Ahmed Magdy, Abbas Abo Elhassan

Director-screenwriter: Hala Khalil

Director of photography: Zaki Aref

Editor: Mona Rabei

Music: Layal Watfeh.

Cut and paste, 2006 (Kas wa Lask).

After turning thirty, Gmilla's dreams of emigrating abroad have collapsed. She meets Youssef who is also thinking of traveling and they make a pact that they will help each other to emigrate more easily. But the plan goes in an unexpected direction....
­‐ Best film (Rotterdam Arab film festival)
‐ Best film ((Egyptian film critics association)
‐ Best film (Cairo international film festival )
‐ Best screenplay (Egyptian film association )
‐ Best script writer (catholic center film festival)

Director: Hala Khalil

Stars: Fathy Abdel Wahab, Hanan Turk,Sawsan Badr.

Best Of Times 2004 (Ahla Alawkat).

"A personal tragedy brings a woman closer to a handful of trusted friends in this independent drama. Salma (Hanan Turk) is a middle-aged woman who has achieved success in her profession but is still searching for contentment in her personal life. After her mother unexpectedly dies, Salma is sent into an emotional tailspin, and while her stepfather (Samie Al-Adel) tries to help by letting her move into his home, nothing seem to make her feel better. One day, Salma receives the first in a series of anonymous gifts and letters from someone who appears to know her, though she has no idea who they might be. As Salma sorts through a handful of male admirers in hopes of uncovering the identity of her new benefactor, she is reunited with two close friends from her days at school, Yusriyah (Hend Sabri) and Doha (Menna Shalabi), who commiserate with her as they share their own difficult life events. Ahla al Awqat (aka The Best of Times) was the first feature from writer and director Hala Khalil, and was screened as part of the 2005 San Francisco Arab Film Festival."

Stars: Hanan Turk, Hend Sabry, Menna Shalabi.

‐ Chosen as one of Best 100 Egyptian Films in history.
‐ Best film (Rotterdam Arab film festival).
‐ Best first work (Egyptian film festival).
‐ Best director (catholic center film festival).
‐ Best first work (Egyptian film critics association).

The kite – Short 1997,(Tiri ya Tayara).

‐ Bronze prize for best short film (Milano festival)
‐ Best short film (Egyptian Film Festival).